Distress to value: Innovative solutions for distress situations

Against the vibrant narrative of disruption and innovation, currency and commodity price fluctuations, combined with increasing geopolitical and economic uncertainty, promise a year of challenge and opportunity for ASEAN and its neighbours.  Distress to value: Innovative solutions for distress situations, the second panel at the summit, will explore the methods available to investors and other stakeholders to realise value from, and bring order to, the distress situations which have already arisen, and will inevitably continue to arise, across the region.

Alexander McMyn, Partner – Hogan Lovells

Milind Pasad, Executive Director – Goldman Sachs
George Long, Chairman and Chief Investment Office – LIM Advisors
Gavin Reid, Trade and Credit Finance Manager – BP
Cosimo Borrelli, Managing Partner – Borrelli Walsh
Shaun Langhorne, Partner – Hogan Lovells

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